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H2 Global Solutions processing aids have been tried and proven throughout the feed mill industry since the 1980’s. 


Our unique formulations combine the benefits of binding and lubrication to improve the quality and production of your pellets and flakes while lowering your operating costs.


When Increased through put and Improved Pellet Quality is your Primary Goal

P2’s proprietary formulation is a non-acidic compound specifically formulated to increase both the quality and through put of all your pelleted products.   Better quality pellets combined with reduced production costs becomes an easily obtainable goal.  P2 is Industry proven from coast to coast.

  • Increased Pellet Quality

  • Increase Throughput

  • Increase PDI

  • Reduce Fines

  • Decrease Utility Costs "Amp Draw Rates"

  • Reduce Pellet Die Wear


When Production and Consistency are Key Factors in

Effective Corn & Milo Feed Production

Flake-Aide's proprietary formulation is designed to penetrate the grain covering- fast. Its unique molecular structure gives it broad efficacy in those process industries that use steam to produce heat transfer. Flake-Aide™ is an excellent choice for steam flaker operations. It acts to improve the effectiveness of the steam penetration into the grain and conforms with 21 CFR § 173.310. 

  • Flake Durability Increases

  • Average fine reduction of 25%

  • Production increases up to 25% WITH lower energy usage.

  • Consistent results regardless of initial grain moisture 

  • Very low feed rate required 

  • Backed by our customers. Proven through results. 

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